FYC Faculty Spotlight

Mr. Kodiak Kerfoot, January 2017

kerfoot2For our final Composition Committee meeting of Fall Semester 2016, Kodiak was kind enough to share one of his teaching "Best Practices" called "The Class Expert." Thank you, Kodiak, for sharing your ideas with your colleagues! Now, here is a little bit about Mr. Kerfoot.

Bridget: How long have you been teaching at KSU and in what capacity?
Kodiak: This is my 6th year teaching at KSU, including my time as a TA in the MAPW, and my second year as a limited full-time instructor.

Bridget: What is your favorite thing about teaching at Kennesaw State in the English Department, and more specifically, the First-Year Composition program?
Kodiak: Kennesaw State is my alma mater, so it's really great coming to work everyday at the university that had such an influence on my life with colleagues that were once professors of mine. 

"The best part about teaching FYC is coming up with fun and innovative ways to try and make my students more interested in the writing process."

I love creating themes in each of the subjects I teach, and I'm always working on new ones.

Bridget: What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not grading essays and attending meetings?
Kodiak: I spend most of my free time researching North American folklore, specifically the many mythical creatures within these stories. Outside of academics, however, I coach kerfootcheerleading and gymnastics, and I enjoy playing basketball, fly fishing, and watching college football.

Bridget: What is your favorite type of entertainment, music, dance, theater, film, etc.,?
Kodiak: It's probably not healthy to watch as many movies and tv shows as I do, but I love Disney and cheesy Rom-Coms, and I usually binge a lot of sci-fi/fantasy shows like LOST or Game of Thrones; new addictions include Stranger Things and Westworld. Music is also important to me: Celine Dion, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Taylor Swift (don't judge); anything to put me in a good mood.

Bridget: What sorts of professional projects or goals do you have in the works?
Kodiak: I'm currently seeking publication for the first novel in my MG fantasy series, The Mothman's Mountain, and working on the sequel when I'm not writing query letters or synopses. This semester, in collaboration with interim director of the MAPW, Tony Grooms, I founded the KSU Creative Writing Club, which will be attending the 2017 Southern Literary Festival at the University of Arkansas–Fort Smith in late March.

"Class Expert" Rubric Handout

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