FYC Dialogues

Call for Proposals

The First-Year Composition Program invites you to participate in our First-Year Composition (FYC) Dialogues, brown bag sessions facilitated by two or more faculty members to share best practices for emphasizing academic reading and writing and student engagement in our writing courses. With the goal of generating dialogue and promoting community among FYC teachers, these sessions will include both brief presentations and/or introductions with a few discussion prompts from the facilitators, as well as time for discussion and informal conversation.

Both an opportunity for sharing classroom strategies and engaging in dialogue on the challenges we face in teaching FYC, these sessions are designed to foster collaboration and support among colleagues.

Past Dialogues have included:

     * Free-writing in FYC
     * Brainstorming and Revision
     * Using Discussions in Hybrid Courses
     * The Ethics of Turnitin.com
     * Assessment and ENGL 1102

Submit a brief overview of your proposed dialogue to Bridget Doss (via email attachment: bdoss@kennesaw.edu) that includes

     * Your name(s)
     * Title and description of the proposed Dialogue
      * A note indicating the days of the week/times that are most convenient for you to
       facilitate this session

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions, and/or ideas via email at bdoss@kennesaw.edu, on campus in EB 0073, or by phone (ext. 6906).